Cold Seal Packaging and Coatings

The Convenience of Cold Seal Packaging

If you’re looking for reliable medical packaging and food packaging options that may be available to you, it may be the perfect time to delve into the world of cold seal coatings.

Medical & Food Packaging

Cold seal coatings offer many advantages to people who need to accommodate their medical and food packaging requirements easily and efficiently. This technology has been streamlining medical and food packaging practices for quite a few decades at this point.
Cold seal coatings are sustainable, efficient and reliable. They’re made to enhance performance significantly. They’re also made to strengthen operational practices considerably.


If you’re a medical or food packaging professional who is devoted to maximum efficiency at all times, learning about your choices in cold seal coatings may be a great step. These coatings blend synthetic polymers, emulsions and natural rubber latex together.
cold sealing
This leads to first-rate sealing advantages. Cold seal coatings also have laminated and mono-web approaches that are extremely adaptable.
These approaches, as a result, are capable of masterfully accommodating a vast range of diverse medical and food packaging requirements and requests.

Cold seal packaging & coatings can boost efficiency throughout full operational procedures. These coatings are equipped with visible signs that denote materials that are prepared for pressing actions.

These signs enable pattern registration as well. Although they enable pattern registration, they don’t call for the assistance of any pigments or dyes at all.

Cold Seal Coating Technology

Cold seal coating technology is ideal for speedy conversion processes. This speedy conversion is beneficial because it can minimize the emergence of time-consuming problems such as foaming, ghosting and even streaking.
This can lead to more rapid processing times. It can lead to significant drops in waste as well.

Cold seal items can come in handy for people who want to reduce cling. They can come in handy for those who wish to enjoy unwind releases that are markedly easier as well. They offer these benefits because they have anti-blocking systems that are extremely powerful and dependable.

Anti-blocking Systems

These powerful anti-blocking systems are convenient because they pave the way for packaging that’s substantially more reliable and predictable. They improve sealability, too.
If you’re interested in seals that are markedly more dependable than ever before, cold seal coating may be optimal for your packaging requirements and goals.

This technology can do wonders for people who focus on better cohesion power and solid adhesion abilities. That’s because it doesn’t bring on as many leaking issues.

Standard items that have heat sealing often lead to annoying leaking troubles. Cold seal technology is convenient because it can make significant leaking difficulties things of the distant past.


If you want to invest in fresh quality at all times, cold seal coating can do the trick. Cold seal coating is suitable for people who are passionate about first-rate resistance to moisture as well.
Moisture resistance is invaluable because it can encourage shelf lives that are much longer than before.

There are numerous technology choices accessible to people who want to focus on cold seal coatings. Examples of these are rubber adhesives, H20-based adhesives and synthetic rubber adhesives.

If you want to improve your medical and food packaging approach, cold seal coating may be the ideal answer.

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