What Makes DVD Packaging Engaging?

People who step into stores like Best Buy want to find that DVD that calls to them, beckons them to gaze upon it with complete undivided attention.

DVD packaging should get the customer to feel an almost intangible connection with it, practically spiritual in nature. It should get that customer to spot it in the aisle, single it out like a beautiful woman who manages to overshadow everyone else in the room, and approach it with concern over his or her own worthiness.

The customer’s mouth should hang agape, wondering how it’s possible that DVD packaging could be so visually appealing. All other DVDs should sink into the darkness like a singular tar pit hoisting this single beautiful gem above the muck.

As the customer walks up and holds it, with a rigid or lenticular design attracting their hands and eyes, they should feel a sense of bewilderment.

When an employee walks by the aisle and asks the customer if they found what they’re looking for, the packaging alone should get the customer to gaze emptily at the employee, shell-shocked and borderline catatonic, and reply, “Yes. I have. I have found everything I’ve ever been looking for in this world today, at this very moment.”

Then the employee should feel stupid for even asking, guilty about interrupting the intimate courtship between the packaging and the customer.

Here’s how to create that magical DVD packaging that effectively sells your product.

Consider 3D Rigid DVD Packaging

What good is a flat DVD cover or slipcover? “Not good” is the answer to that. Nobody wants a bland cover that doesn’t present the DVD with the grace it demands. A customer should pick that DVD up and think, “How much prettier could this DVD packaging be?

None more prettier.” It should have that same allure that the black album in This Is Spinal Tap had to make Nigel Tufnel exclaim it could be “none more black.”

Rigid DVD packaging adds that appeal, helping DVDs to stand out on the shelf, complementing the printed artwork. It also gives customers something to rub with their hands when they pick it up.

Lenticular DVD Packaging Designs

lenticular surface

Another option in unique DVD packaging is a lenticular design. Rather than a simple static image preventing the DVD package from being all that it can be, a lenticular design can supply DVD packages with two images, helping the product stand out even further.

Depending on the angle at which customers look, a different image will appear that best expresses the film contained. A customer can pick the DVD up and turn it from side to side for hours if they so wished, essentially watching a two-frame version of the film before purchasing the DVD.

Lenticular designs can help you avoid blander designs that many other DVD packages are likely to use. The different effects that come with lenticular designs include:

  • Flips – Basically a “before and after” effect
  • Zooms – Images that seem to move closer to the customer
  • 3D/Depth – Creates a “pop up” effect that wows the customer
  • Morph – Both images are completely different from one another
  • Motion – Repeating frames create the illusion of movement
  • Dissolve – Pictures fade into each other

Use the DVD Packaging That’s Right for Your Product

These are simply a couple of the many unique DVD packaging designs that companies can use to appeal to retailers.

Who knows, they could be enough to get that one customer to walk up to the counter, ready to make a purchase, telling the cashier, “This is the best DVD cover I’ve ever seen in my life. I don’t even know what the movie’s about, but I could stare at Vince Vaughn and Dave Franco laughing in two frames on this lenticular cover all day, and that alone is worth $20 of my hard-earned cash.”

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