Why You Should Use Folding Cartons for Product Packaging

Folding cartons offer a great way to showcase food products, pharmaceuticals and more while protecting them at the same time. Certain marketing trends have led to this style of packaging to become one of the most popular for smaller products.

Here are several reasons why folding cartons should be used in product packaging today.

Development of Contaminant Detection

Since 2010, certain contaminants have been a concern in cartonboard for food packaging, including specific mineral oils found in recycled newspaper. In 2012, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) had developed a scanner that can detect the accidental transfer of dangerous chemicals on the packaging’s surface, including printing ink. Because of this technology, barriers in packaging have been developed to help avoid contamination of food products in folding cartons.

Attempts to Downsize

With smaller products, companies have come to the conclusion that large packaging is unnecessary, and folding cartons are a great way to protect and showcase smaller products without the use of unneeded resources.

Companies can save drastically–with Kraft alone saving 10% on packaging volume–when switching to folding cartons.


Single Serve Demands

Not only is it ideal for companies to use smaller folding cartons for products, but also it is more appealing to consumers, particularly those who fall into the single-person household demographic. It’s more convenient to have a single-serve package that allows for fast consumption of snack foods, for example.

Unique Printing Techniques

With today’s digital package printing technology, companies can come up with innovative ways to display their unique brand, with QR codes, Fresnel lenses and holographic images among the items that companies can print.

An original folding carton package design can make any brand’s products look appealing and increase brand awareness.

Smart Packaging Technology

These days you can print electronics as well as plastic, paper or other packaging materials. This technology is ideal for product packaging that requires medicine monitoring and other applications. Folding cartons can effectively utilize this technology.

There are plenty of companies that offer state-of-the-art folding carton packages, with the ability to customize both the materials and designs to meet your specifications.


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